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Shimba hills national park is the second largest coastal forest in east africa , first one being arabuka sokoke 110km from mombasa  
It was opened in 1968 and branded by kws as paradise of the sable antelope in 2011,it covers an area 0f 300sq km with an altitude of 120-450m
Drive for 33km from Mombasa  along the coastal settlements blended coconut plantations and  small farmlands of cassavas and cashewnuts and maize to the main gate of shimba hills national park (other 3 gates are kivumoni, kidongo  and shimba gates)

Shimba hills national park is the only park in east africa that provides sanctuary to the endangered sable antelopes which had become prey to excessive hunting and almost got extinct 
The sable antelopes are  termed as the most beautiful of the large antelopes and are gregarious

                                          sable antelopes

A relatively serene park with very little traffic animals seem to be shy though during your gamedrives you get to see buffalos elephants bushbucks ,hyenas masai girraffes waterbucks monkeys baboons among others

                                                    an elephant at shimba hills

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Tsavo national park is the largest park in Kenya and is divided into 2 by the nairobi mombasa highway with tsavo east measuring 13747sqkm and tsavo west measuring 7065 sqkm
Tsavo east and west national parks were established in1948 ,hit by long drought periods in the 1960s and suffered massive poaching in the 1970s and 1980s

                            customed 6 seater safari van with a pop up roof

While the drivers were doing check in procedures at the park's entrance mama safari sought a nice position to try her hand in photography

                               voi gate the main gate to tsavo east national park

And successfully got a group photo of her friends at voi gate ,one of the entrance points to tsavo east national park

                          tsavo east national park - nature on the wildside of life

The bright morning sunshine ,the blue sky,the road stretching as far as the eye can see and the savanna grassland set the perfect mood for a safari
Both tsavo east and west national park have a lot of offer  in terms  of animals, birdlife, its rich natural attractions and magnificent scenery

                                                                  lesser kudu
Without a doubt one of the most beautiful antelopes found only in tsavo east and samburu ,the lesser kudu

                               a family of elephants at voi wildlife lodge
While having lunch at voi wildlife lodge we got company of elephants quenching their thirst from the waterhole infront of the lodges restaurant and bar

                                 mzima springs home to hippos,fish and crocodiles
Mzima in our national language swahili means 'alive',mzima springs is one of the main attractions in tsavo west where water gushes out creating an oasis of sparkling crystal clear springs which are home to hippos, crocodiles fish and can be observed from an underwater glass observatory

                                rhino sanctuary  -do you see what i see
Giraffes facing ngulia hills at the rhino sanctuary which was opened 1987 , it is opened daily from 1600hours to 1800hours

                          what a beautiful morning sunshine-a family of baboons

A few meters from Ngulia lodge as we were driving out of tsavo west national park we received a guard of honour from this family of baboons who were enjoying the beautiful morning weather                           

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Kenya is blessed with outstanding beauty from the beautiful beaches ,wildlife ,breathtaking scenery and diverse communities offering different cultures,maasai people are popular because they have preserved their culture to date and are a tourist attraction
On safari to Amboseli national park,Tsavo national park,Saltlick and Ngutuni sanctuaries a visitor has an opportunity to add adventure to the safari by visiting a masai village at a small extra cost

Upon arrival at the village known as a manyatta you are welcomed by the village elder

A tour around the village (manyatta ) follows where you get to learn about their achitecture and cultural values

 You get to learn the art of making a fire with two sticks and grass 

And what a pleasant way of ending your adventure by being honoured with a masai traditional dance

Wilderbeest Migration

Every year in June, more than one million Wildebeest prepare to cross from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara in a spectacular migration that fascinates visitors from all over the world.

The wildebeest gather into a single herd, attracted by the scent of rain in the Mara. In July they cross into the Mara after depleting the pastures in the Serengeti. Hundreds of people from all over the world gather to watch the migration which can only be described as spectacular.

Kenya’s Maasai Mara has a huge population of wild game which is part of what puts Kenya on the tourist map.

It is an extraordinary sensory experience, the sound of the stampede, the smells of the Mara, the spectacular sights for the eyes to feast on are stimulating. Visitors break camp at dawn for game viewing.

As the herd approaches, you will be treated to the thunder of the wildebeest’s hooves grinding against the grounds and a thousand beastly grunts as they make their way. The large herd charges continuously and seems to go on forever. Zebras join in the stampede.

The herds are at risk of being attacked by predators, mainly lions, hyenas and crocodiles. The waters of the Mara River swell with the rainfalls in Kenya’s highlands, increasing the risk factor. Some animals are carried off by the water. For those who make it, bountiful pastures in the Mara await.

The herd do their bit by fertilizing the grasslands with their dung. In October they go back to the Serengeti where the grasses will have grown back.

There are different options for experiencing the migration. You could be watching from a customized vehicle, walking tour, a horseback ride, or from overhead in a hot air balloon.

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Kenya Safaris and Beach Holidays from Mombasa and Nairobi by Lorika Advetures

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